KSRA as a non-governmental organization was promoted by a group of young social workers and intellectuals, highly committed and deeply involved in the development of poor in rural and urban area.

KSRA today acts as a catalyst Agency and has a deep grass root outreach for the transformation of deprived and poor communities through their involvement and support. It interacts with the communities and help them implement development program and also supplement the effort of government and other agencies.

I, as founder of the organisation, take a great pleasure in introducing our new web site, which fully reflects our programs and account for actions towards fulfilling our goals and objectives.This site is being introduced to reach out as many individuals, agencies, NGOs, government, donors, researchers, corporate and various international bodies all over the globe and to share our learning, exchange our views and garner support and resources to enrich our efforts.

We appeal to our readers to give their views and suggestions and contribute to our efforts in helping out our rural as well as urban poor men, women, children, farmers, youths and elders. This site will be updated regularly, so as to provide latest happenings, events, program, project, news, reports, documents, case studies and host of relevant information on the benefits being provided to our target people.

Reach us and help us to reach out to our poor brothers and sisters, elders and children, farmers and youths. This is our mandate and we stand at their door step to deliver our services.

To help build up Self sustaining and Self reliant communities with major thrust on the development of Tribal in the region of Jharkhand through initiatives as an integral part of development spectrum with focus on empowerment of deprived and poor.

KSRA thus, looks towards building itself into an institution that is capable of building strong communities through their capacity building process that makes them skilled in decision making, thus enabling them to take their own development initiativestowards self reliant and selfsustainable society

Enhancing the most economically and socially backward rural/urban poor communities to the level of economic and social self-reliance through various integrated development initiatives. All KSRA Programs and Project thus, are directed towards following Outputs: