Area Of Operation

KSRA has the mandate for working among poorest of the poor communities in rural as well as urban areas at the grass root level in whole of the Jharkhand State. It has well trained field staff and has been operational for over two decades in Karra and Ranchi. At present it is working in Ranchi District (Khunti, Karra, Kanke, Bero (Itki) and Torpa Blocks) and Gumla District (Kamdara Block) and has begun work in Singhbhum(W) District in Khuntpani Block.

KSRA has following locations for its operations:

Central Office

Ranchi Own Premises 1600 sq. ft. 4 rooms, 4 computers,1 Laptop 1 gen- set,1Photocopier, 1 duplicating machine, overhead projector, mopeds, motorcycles, Jeep, furniture and other equipments.

Regional Centre

Karra Block own building 1200 sq. ft. three rooms, 1 computer, 1 gen-set, public address system, slide projector, mopeds, motorcycles etc.

Project Offices at Khuntpani Block of West Singhbhum and Branch Offices for Micro Finance are at Namkum and Khunti Blocks, of Ranchi and Khunti Districts respectively

Degradation of agriculture, forests and Common lands
While Agriculture along with animal husbandry and wage labour form the core of livelihood strategies, water resource conservation remain key to address resource degradation and for enhancing biomass productivity and food grains production for Livelihood Development.

KSRA has worked aggressively for several year with support of several agencies such as Mennonite Central Committee Kolkata, Tribal Welfare Department Government of Jharkhand (Erstwhile Bihar), MORD GOI UNDP, JTDS/IFAD GOJ, on building capacity of tribal women through their SHGs, Cluster Associations on issues such as agriculture development for higher produce, managing Natural Resources around them, raising plants in the community land. Water shed programs in West Singhbhum, NRM activities such as building and owning check dams, wells, ponds, agriculture through Varietals seed and SRI techniques, cooperative development on vegetable and paddy seed in Karra Khunti District, forestation in almost 1000 acres of community land since the year 1998 KSRA has achieved this by inducting new farm techniques such as varietals seed and SRI* techniques for enhancing agriculture productivity, conserving water resource through small check dams, home stead well ,ponds. Vermin compost, improving biomass through forestry and plantation in community lan, Promoting Pisciculture, animal husbandry and poultry through community owner ship. etc

Livelihood opportunity Untapped due to poor management and low productivity of natural resources

KSRA for several years has been working on Capacity building of the community on their rights to access available resources around them on livelihood, this includes their right to access various government schemes such as SGSY ,NREGA, various Governments social welfare schemes (Antoyday, Annapurna ,old Age pension, Indira Awas).NRM Project supported by UNDP/GOI Ministry of Rural Development during 2005-08 period, Farmers Training and Development Project by MCC Kolkata way back from 1988 till 1997, PACS project by DIFID on Helping People Themselves on issues of Health education and PRI system and Advocacy for Elderly for their entitlement during 2004-07 helped achieved this objective.

Working towards healthy community and creating opportunity for better education among women and children through awareness generation advocacy initiatives.(Use of NREGS is a part of this initiative)

Several community based health and education programs for women and children were undertaken during past years especially since 1990. These included non formal education towards mainstreaming non going school children into formal schools, literacy among women, RCH training among SHG leaders and school adolescent girls, Immunization and nutrition programs in the villages of karra block. Creating health volunteers and providing basic health training has helped several young volunteer specially young tribal girls to get employment in government health PHC and other health projects of the government. The focus although has been on awareness generation on various rights of women , process of participating in the government programs through collective actions in the form of SHGs, clusters and Cooperative Federations(Example Two women Federation have been registered under Cooperative Act as follow up initiative under recently concluded NRM project under UNDP.MORD GOI and Govt, of Jharkhand.

Credit access and marketability of Micro Enterprises among rural communities

KSRA since the year 1999 with assistance of CARE International and Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has been promoting micro enterprises through micro credit program among poor women through promoting and nurturing Self Help Groups, Cluster Associations Formation and strengthening of self help groups through leadership, group management, marketing skill and accounts training. Credit access of SHGs through bank linkages etc, Promoting and fostering local network of producers and market linkages and restoring seed bank system. Around 1000 SHGs are under the net and are being promoted through micro enterprises activities such as promotion of small businesses, bamboo craft, rope making, vegetable growing, mushroom production etc

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